Hoopa Valley Tribal TANF

The Hoopa Tribal TANF program is responsible for administering the tribes TANF program and providing services that can assist Hoopa Tribal members, members of federally recognized tribes, Alaska Natives, and members of the California Judgement rolls, their descendants, and families residing on the Hoopa reservation with basic needs and other services.

Our Mission

The mission of the Hoopa Valley Tribal TANF Program is to help assist eligible Hoopa Valley tribal members, members of federally recognized tribes, Alaska Natives, and members of the California Judgement rolls, their descendants and families residing on the Hoopa reservation, to work toward and achieve self-sufficiency in a culturally competent way.

Locations and Services

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

82 Willow St Hoopa, CA 95546


Cash Assistance

Monthly cash assistance to income-eligible American Indian families with a child or expecting a child or eligible relative caregivers of a child or children.



Supportive Services

School clothing, winter wood for heating homes, educational assistance, child care costs, substance abuse services, marriage incentives, domestic violence assistance, student incentives, backpack project and school supplies, holiday baskets, etc. 

Employment and Training

Subsidized Employment

Subsidized employment for up to 18 months. 



Supportive Services

Gas vouchers, work clothes, grooming costs, tires, registration, insurance, traffic fines, vehicle repair, etc.




Training costs for certificated program or college units, tuition & books.



Youth Employment and Training

Youth have opportunities for work placements and training to gain work experience and prepare for the work force. 

Hupa Family Resource Center

61 Holt ST Hoopa, CA 95546

Resources & SERVICES

  1. Emergency Food Boxes
  2. Supplement Food & Hygiene Supplies
  3. Diapers
  4. Laundry Vouchers
  5. Gas Vouchers
  6. Formula
  7. Clothing Closet
  8. Center Resources of copying, faxing, computer usage, phone etc.
  9. CA ID and Birth Certificates
  10. Application Assistance

Prevention Projects and Substance Abuse Services

119 Hostler field Hoopa, CA 95546

Prevention Projects

Prevention of Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancies


Encouraging the Formation and Maintenance of Two-Parent Families.

Substance Abuse Services

1-on-1 and Group Session Services


The Medicine Wheel, White Bison Wellbriety, CBT, one-on-one counseling, relapse prevention, and group sessions to assist families in overcoming drug dependency.