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Family Services Program


Family Services Program is the "main" part of the TANF Program that provides ongoing cash aid assistance to needy families and relative caretaker families, supportive services (directly relating to the current self-sufficiency plan (SSP)), and diversion services (assisting families who meet all eligibility requirements but diverting them from becoming cash aid assistance families).

Hoopa Valley Tribal TANF Program (HVTTP) sees the families from the initial intake process to seeing the families exit our TANF Program.

Family Services has:

  • 1 Lead Case Worker,
  • 2 Case Workers,
  • 1 Case Aide,
  • and a Family Services Program Manager.

Family Services primarily calculates all the cash aid grants, completes home visits, administers drug testing, and works with families to provide necessary services to assist each individual family to become self-sufficient on a case by case basis. A Self-Sufficiency Plan (SSP) is created to guide the families with their goals on how they are going to become self-sufficient, without the need of services from HVTTP.

Supportive services are an extra portion of the program; supportive services are designed to assist families while on their journey to self-sufficiency. Supportive services are required to directly relate to their current self-sufficiency plan goals. Families will be required to complete the supportive service process which includes a budget form, assists the Case Worker to determine if the family is eligible for assistance or need assistance creating a monthly budget.

Family Services Program provides incentives i.e. Holiday Baskets, School Clothing Stipend (2x year), Student Incentives, Backpack with limited school supplies, Supplemental Winter Wood/Energy Assistance, etc.

For more information on how to apply, please contact our office 530-625-4816.

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Substance Abuse Program


Hoopa Tribal TANF Substance Abuse program offers strength based substance abuse treatment for all Hoopa Valley community residents. You can pick up an application at "The Center" located on Hwy 96 (Previously known as the Teen Center) TANF clients can self-initiate, or get referred by their TANF case worker.

TANF Substance Abuse program provides one on one counseling, relapse prevention, and group sessions using CBT, The Medicine Wheel and White Bison Wellbriety curriculum to assist families in overcoming drug dependency.

For more information regarding our Substance Abuse Program contact Dawn Cummings, SAS Counselor at 707-497- 8185 or 530-625-4816.

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TANF Prevention Services


TANF Projects are solely coordinated by the Hoopa Valley Tribal TANF Program and are supportive services under purposes 3 or 4 as identified above. If you are interested in participating in TANF sponsored workshops or activities, please fill out the TANF Prevention Projects Application & Waiver Form, and mail to Deborah McConnell, PO Box 728, Hoopa, CA 95546, or deliver to the Main TANF Office. It is a one-time family application, and if you and your family are eligible for the program, you will be notified. Please note that projects may be on a first come first serve basis.

Examples of Past TANF Projects:

  • Basketry-Cultural Arts Class
  • Community Feed
  • Elkhorn Purse Workshop with George Blake
  • iLchwe' One-On-One Mentoring
  • Motherhood/Fatherhood Training
  • Acorn Soup Spoon Workshop with George Blake
  • Elkhorn Jewelry Workshop with George Blake
  • Fall Container Gardening
  • Gill Net Workshop with Richard Stewart
  • Hazel Bow & Arrow Workshop with George Blake
  • Summer Youth Workers, Landscaping Project
  • Summer Youth Workers, Sovereign Day Preparation
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TANF Partnership Project Application


The main purpose for the Hoopa Valley Tribal TANF's Partnership Projects Application process is to provide opportunities for individuals, groups, local schools or programs of the Hoopa community to coordinate efforts with the Hoopa Valley Tribal TANF Program that are within our project objectives.

For further information regarding the TANF Partnership Project Application, please review the online application that identifies the process.

Examples of TANF Partnership Projects:

  • 15th Annual Women's Wellness
  • 2nd Annual "Leadership Teen & Young Parent National Conference"
  • Autism Awareness
  • Easter Egg Hunt Activities
  • Hoopa Elementary School - Seaweed & Spruce Root Gathering Trip
  • Hoopa Valley High School, Club Time, Basketry
  • Hoopa Valley High School, Club Time Great Group
  • Family Harvest Festival
  • Kimaw Bike Rodeo
  • Kimaw Health Fair
  • Klamath Trinity Resource Conservation District, Earth Day Activities
  • Native Women's Health and Wellness Alliance, Quilting Class
  • NDN Center, Acorn-Warrior Camp
  • Health & Wellness Clinic Dream Athletics
  • Christmas Crafts Workshop
  • Indianprenuership Training
  • Kim Yerton Memorial Library Summer Reading Program
  • Valentine's Day Cards
  • Hoopa Valley Elementary School, Eel Preparation with Richard Stewart
  • Hoopa Valley High School Safe and Sober Graduation Party
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Hoopa Tribal TANF Employment and Training Program


The TANF Employment & Training program staff consists of ET Coordinator, ET Assistant and a Youth Specialist and has four components:

  • Adult Subsidized Employment
    The Adult Subsidized Employment Program helps eligible TANF clients to become self-sufficient by providing placement with Job sites to earn subsidized employment and gain knowledge and experience based on their desires or qualifications. Trainings are also provided to gain experience and certification in certain areas of interests that are essential for them to become self-sufficient.
  • College Intern Program
    The College Intern Program is targeted to full time college students; it helps to provide work experience and training specific to their educational goal. The program also provides them with on the job experiences to discover their career path and helps them to determine if their educational goal is what they truly desire.
  • Summer Youth Program
    The Summer Youth Program is targeted to local youth ages 14 to 24 with high at-risk indicators within their school, community and home. The program strives to improve their lives by providing them with trainings and on the job experiences to gain knowledge and build their skills to obtain a job in the near future.
  • Trainings
    Trainings are offered in any course that interests the participant. Trainings that have been offered are as follows: Police Academy, Heavy Equipment Operators, Truck Driving School, CPR / First Aid, Food Handlers, Construction Flagging courses, Medical Billing and Coding, Radiation Safety Course for Dental Assisting, Laserfiche, QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer training), ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), Motherhood/ Fatherhood is Sacred Facilitator training, Small Business Training, Budgeting Courses and many more.
  • For more information on the TANF Employment & Training program and how to apply please call the ET office at 530-625-4000.

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    Hupa Family Resource Center


    The mission of the Hupa Family Resource Center (HFRC) is to provide social, emotional, physical, mental health and informational support to enhance the well-being of children and families in the community, and improve the effectiveness of community and tribal programs by connecting Native and non-Native children and families with the services they need.

    HFRC goals are:

    • To ensure the safety and well being of children by strengthening the collaboration between the Hoopa Valley Tribal Departments, Humboldt County Child Welfare Services and other social service agencies serving Indian Families.
    • To provide up-to-date information of events & activities within the Hoopa community and surrounding areas.
    • To provide interactive positive family activities.
    • To provide a safe environment for family visitations.
    • To provide telephone, fax & copier access.
    • To provide an easily accessible Family Resource Center.

    HFRC provides the following services and activities (as funding permits): Application Assistance, Clothing Closet, Cinderella's Closet, Family Movie Night, monthly Food Bank, Resource Referrals, Case Management, Supplemental Food Boxes, hygiene products, Backpack for Kids Program, identification assistance, bus tickets/gas vouchers, monthly Networking Meetings, responds to Differential Response referrals from Humboldt County DHHS, Voluntary Income Tax Assistance, Fatherhood/Motherhood is Sacred Classes, Linking Generations by Strengthening Relationships classes, Budgeting Classes, Cal Fresh Application assistance, Cal Works/TANF outreach, participates in the Annual Health Fair, and much more.

    HFRC partners include:

    • Hoopa Valley Tribal TANF
    • Hoopa Housing Authority
    • Hoopa Tribal Court
    • Hoopa Tribal Education
    • Hoopa Tribal Recreation
    • Hoopa-Yurok Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Klamath Trinity Unified School District
    • Humboldt Network of Family Resource Centers
    • Humboldt Co. Child Welfare Services
    • Humboldt Co. DHHS
    • K'ima:w Medical Center Behavioral Health
    • K'ima:w Medical Center Diabetes Prevention Program
    • Klamath Trinity Resource Conservation District
    • Willow Creek Community Resource Center
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